PlanterSam Houseplant Consultations

Get Expert Help and Advice for Your Precious Plants

We're proud to expand our services to include plant consultations. Think of this as a plant checkup!

Here's Why You Might Consider Hiring a Plant Consultant

  1. You're unsure of how to take care of a new plant.

  2. Your plant isn't thriving like you think it should.

  3. Something might be wrong with your plant's health.

  4. You want recommendations for plant(s) that fit your space and/or lifestyle.

This consultation is designed for beginners and veteran plant owners alike. It doesn't matter if it's a newly acquired indoor plant or one you've owned for years.

During Your Plant Consultation We Will

  1. Inspect your plant(s) and assess your space

  2. Answer questions

  3. Provide guidance for taking care of your plant(s), including recommendations for fertilizer, placement within your home, lighting, etc.

  4. Give you a roadmap so you have the knowledge and confidence to help your plant(s) thrive for a lifetime.

  5. Send additional online resources, if needed.

If you have questions about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us! If you're ready to schedule a consultation, please do so using the link below. Virtual and in-person consultations are available.