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You might have guessed it, but I'm the Sam(ira) behind PlanterSam. I run our local plant store in San Marcos alongside my husband Morteza!

PlanterSam has turned into a family affair because my mom is the mastermind behind the stunning macramés we sell. When we get special orders, she gets excited!

The Story Behind Our San Marcos Plant Nursery

My journey with plants started when my husband bought me a peace lily as a birthday gift during our first year of marriage. After a while, I began rescuing plants from big chain stores. Slowly, my collection grew, and as I saw these plant babies grow and thrive, I started feeling like I was making a difference. 

I have always struggled with depression and anxiety because I have never felt like I fit in anywhere. Taking care of my plants made me feel better about myself as a person and gave me a sense of belonging. I would find YouTube videos and read any plant books I could get my hands on to research my new plants. I learned as much as possible about how to take care of them properly. Even then, I made mistakes and lost a few plants along the way. I truly enjoyed taking the time to care for them, and in the end, my plant knowledge grew tremendously.

In January 2020, I hurt my knee, and I had to take it easy until I fully recovered. At the beginning of the pandemic, I started to have a hard time and my depression was at a high. I spent a lot of time in my parent’s garage propagating and creating plant displays and succulent gardens. People loved what I was making and even offered to buy them. Seeing how much doing this brought me joy, I slowly started selling my arrangements online. After a few weeks, he created an Instagram account for me, which I was hesitant about at first. After the account was live, we decided to have a pop-up house plant sale, and the rest is history!

Through this experience, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our customers. You all give me motivation, hope, and energy to do what fills my heart with warmth.

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