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Interior plants add warmth, life, and natural beauty to your office, but choosing the best interior plant service for a San Diego office can be complicated and stressful! PlanterSam's interior plant service for businesses is here to make the process effortless.

Impress your clients. Improve employee morale. Everyone will be happier with vibrant greenery greeting them every time they walk through the door. Our interior plant service brings the outdoors in and lifts people's spirits.

What is Interior Plant Service for Businesses and Offices?

We come to your San Diego location and consult with you to create the best plantscape for your business. Each design is unique to the site, and our team knows how to make a space shine. Whether you want a large, striking display, or a simple, elegant design, we know how to get it done.

A professional interior plant service turns a daunting, time-consuming task into a painless experience with incredible results. We take care of everything.

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Our Interior Plant Service Includes:

Benefits of Our Interior Plant Service

Why Hire A Professional Interior Plant Designer?

Your time is valuable and shouldn't be spent researching office plants and worrying about how to take care of them. We take on this massive task with delight because we love doing it. Plus, we know how to work magic with plants.

Is noise an issue in the foray? Plants can help with that. Does the conference room feel sterile and unbearably bland? We can fix that. Want to make the space seem larger? Artful plant placement changes the entire feel of a room.

There is so much to consider when choosing the right plants for your office. In addition to choosing plants that fit your space and design objectives, you also need to consider lighting, maintenance, and watering needs. You don't have to wrack your brain about any of this with a professional interior plant service. We've worked with a number of businesses and custom-tailor each design, so it perfectly suits your aesthetic and budget.

Commercial plant arrangement designs service by PlanterSam
Commercial plant arrangement designs service by PlanterSam

Interior Plant Service San Diego

At PlanterSam, our interior plant service doesn't just stop at design. All too often, the regular care and maintenance of the plants get forgotten or set aside. We won't let this happen! We will come to your San Diego office and take the best care of the plants so they will thrive for years to come. 

Sad and dying plants around the office is not a good look. It happens to the best of us – plant maintenance takes time, and you're busy running your business. Plus, there are so many variables to track it can be overwhelming. 

With PlanterSam's interior plant service, you don't have to worry about anything. We know what the plants need, from which ones like moisture and lots of humidity to the plants that like drying out and everything in-between. We may not be able to stop coffee from ending up in the planter, but we can thwart disaster and rehabilitate struggling plants. Our optional maintenance service keeps the plants always looking their best. 

We do regular pruning and fertilizing, repot growing plants, and make sure each one is thriving in its location. This includes monitoring temperature and humidity, checking for pests, and continually assessing light conditions.

Interior Plant Design Possibilities

Commercial Interior plant design service by PlanterSam
Commercial Interior plant design service by PlanterSam

The Best Indoor Office Plants for San Diego

These are just a few of our favorite indoor office plants. If you have any particular plants in mind for your home or business, let us know!

Indoor Plant Service and Design Common Questions

Can you work with our current office design?

Yes! Our Interior plant service doesn't have to mean completely changing your work environment or aesthetic. It can be as simple as adding 3-5 strategically placed plants or transforming one wall into a living moss wall. You tell us what you're looking for, and we'll present you with design ideas.

Can we choose the plants that you put in our office?

Of course! We can either select and put together a design from scratch, or you can handpick the plants that you think will work best. 

Do you offer plant maintenance and how frequently do you come?

Yes, we offer plant maintenance as an optional add-on to our interior plant design service. The amount of times we service your plants depends on the design and the plants. Most plant installations require bi-weekly maintenance.

Is pottery included in your plant design service?

Plants and pottery are separate charges, but we will provide you with options and handle the repotting!

What areas do you serve?

We provide our interior plant service for all of San Diego County! Our store is in San Marcos if you ever want to stop by to see our inventory or chat about a potential project.

Is this design service only for businesses and offices?

While we more commonly work with San Diego businesses, we would be happy to provide the same service for your home!

Schedule a complementary plant design consultation and get an estimate or send us an email with questions!

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