The Ultimate Gift Guide for Plant Lovers

Finding the best gifts for plant people is challenging – especially if you're not a plant person yourself. Don't worry, though. If you've been seeking gift ideas for plant lovers in your life, we've got you covered. Fun or practical, this gift guide covers all the bases, so the plant lover in your life will be thrilled when they open their present from you. Better yet, you can buy the following recommendations in-store at PlanterSam or online!

Practical Gift Ideas For Plant Lovers

These plant-centered gifts are useful, functional, and highly sought after by plant lovers. Giving a practical gift shows you care about your friend's plant obsession and are there to support them in all their planty ways.

Moss poles are all the rage right now. This 25" one made out of coconut coir looks fabulous, with an earthy, natural appeal that doesn't steal any attention away from the plant. Moss poles are used to support houseplants like pothos, monsteras, and philodendrons.

Every proper plant-obsessed person needs a functional and attractive propagation station. No more using random jars and cups; these charming frames can be mounted on walls or placed on countertops. These sturdy propagation stations are sleek, practical, and sure to be a hit with any plant parent, new or experienced.

If the plant lover in your life has tropical plants (and really, most of them are tropical), then they need a humidifier. Tropical plants thrive on high humidity, which is hard to maintain in an indoor setting. Help your plant lover be the best plant parent by giving them a gift that spoils their precious green babies.

Every plant parent needs one of these, especially if they have a collection of plants in their home. Watering at the right time is crucial for the health of houseplants, and with this moisture meter, it can be done right every time. It's simple to use and has an easy-to-read display. Most plant enthusiasts won't buy this for themselves – but they'd love to find it under the Christmas tree or in their stocking!

Fun Gifts For Plant People

Growing houseplants isn't just about the plants. Plant people love incorporating style and fun into their hobby. These gift ideas for plant lovers are sure to please all the houseplant devotees in your life.

These darling pots are full of style, turning every houseplant into a true work of art. The pots are ceramic and available in white, gold, and black. Any plant parent would be thrilled to display their pride and joy in one of these. This planter style easily fits in with any home interior. An arrangement of all three, each housing its own gorgeous houseplant, is an elegant and effortless statement piece.

This macramé plant shelf is a statement piece, simply spectacular in any living space. It hangs on the wall and is easily set up or moved – no stressful installation here. The macrame is highly detailed, adding a unique texture and aesthetic to the home. It is a fantastic backdrop for all plant babies. Available in golden beige or dark blue.

Help your plant-obsessed friend show their love with this fun variety sticker pack. This delightful pack of 45 stickers includes succulents, houseplants, and cacti. They're fantastic for decorating notebooks, cell phones, binders, water bottles, and envelopes. This plant sticker variety is an excellent stocking stuffer for the plant enthusiastic in your life.

Choose between monstera alba, calathea triostar, and monstera adansonii leaves. Each keychain features a brilliantly colored leaf so they can have their favorite plant with them all the time. Plant leaf keychains are the perfect stocking stuffer and an inexpensive way to make a plant person very happy.

The ultimate gift is letting the plant lover choose their own present. Choose from the displayed amounts or create a custom one. A gift card enables the recipient to select what they need, or want, most, which is a win-win for all. With this gift card, they can decide if they're going to add a new plant to their collection, be practical and get the humidifier, or be fun and adorn their water bottle with stylish stickers.

Choosing the right plant-centered gift for the plant lover in your house is a breeze with this list. Any plant parent in your life would be thrilled to receive any of these, and they'll know just how much you care about their plant passion when they receive it.

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