Plants Make Terrific Roommates: 11 Best Plants for the Home

Plants make terrific roommates. They certainly do their part in creating a pleasing aesthetic, staging your home, and even performing the complicated chore of making your home’s air just a bit cleaner. If you are looking to acquire some new plant cohabitants for your home, you might be overwhelmed by the vastness of options. After all, 300,000+ species to choose from would stump anyone!

Don’t you worry though! We’ve researched the best plants for the home, combining our knowledge and expertise with the knowledge of a dozen plant experts across the US and Canada. Here are 11 suggestions for plants we encourage you to consider adding to your home.

11 Best Plants for the Home

  1. Hoya Bella

This pant is one of our favorite indoor recommendations because of its convenience as a hanging plant, its long stems, and of course, its gorgeous flowers. The Hoya Bella can be conveniently placed in a shady spot of an otherwise bright room, helping to liven up any potentially dim corners year-round.

  1. Monstera Deliciosa

Not only does the Monstera Deliciosa thrive in most environments, preferring bright indirect lighting, it also comes in different sizes, making them suitable for many places in a room. The environment this versatile plant resides in will dictate how often it needs to be watered. In either case, the watering it requires is very sparse and largely depends on the amount of light it receives. In northern climates, the Monstera Deliciosa only needs to be watered once or twice a month. A southern environment would necessitate about one weekly watering to sustain the plant’s health and longevity.

  1. Monstera Adansonii

This plant does excellent under grow lighting, which has allowed indoor plant owners to place most plants into any room or hallway in their homes. This eases the necessity of having the plant face windows that get maximum sunlight at the risk of withering when the weather becomes colder. Monstera Adansonii is a plant that will do great when positioned under grow lights, providing a great atmospheric addition to your home.

  1. Ferns

A benefit of using ferns is that they are generally native to the region where they are grown and used to adorn the outside of homes. This means that they are pre-adapted to the level of sunshine, water reception levels, and the general habitat of the regions. Ferns are inherently conditioned to survive and thrive in their regional environments. They also spark a visually appealing interest point that can highlight their presence without overwhelming the area. For instance, California is home to Western Sword Fern (Polystichum munitum), Deer Fern (Blechnum Spicant), Western Chain Fern (Woodwardia Fimbriata), and Five finger Maidenhair (Adiantum Aleuticum), all of which make tremendous outdoor plants.

  1. Sansevieria

Native to West Africa, the Sansevieria is one of our personal favorites to recommend here at PlanterSam due to its ease of care and beauty. While most plants experience photosynthesis during the day, releasing oxygen while the sun is out, this native of the arid desert undergoes photosynthesis during the nighttime. Used to the dry conditions, it can thrive with hardly any water, especially when temperatures drop. The Sansevieria, also known as the “snake plant,” can withstand both full sunlight exposure and low lighting, making them suitable for any room in the house, from offices to bedrooms. The Sansevieria has a bold presence, covered in green leaves, requiring very little care and inspiring a sense of creativity and peace.

  1. Raven Zamioculas

You may have heard of the green ZZ plant, but we love another variety of ZZ, the Raven Zamioculas. This plant is a survivor as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. The resilient Raven ZZ is both gorgeous and extremely low maintenance, with one of the lowest water requirements of any plant out there (once every few weeks). It’s easy to upkeep, thrives nearly anywhere you place it, and draws the eye with its unique beauty.

  1. Janet Craig Compacta

If you are striving to achieve an outdoor vibe indoors, look no further than one of our personal favorites, the Janet Craig Compacta. These fall pants exude shiny foliage and a deep-dark coloring. On top of their aesthetic allure, these plants are also resilient and need water only in those cases that the soil completely dries out. This plant’s light requirements also make it a simple member of any room in the house, as the Janet Craig Compacta does well in low, medium, or artificial fluorescent lighting and even bright indirect sunlight. That’s all before mentioning that they are an air purifier, rated so by NASA itself.

  1. Hoya Australis

There are multiple varieties of the hoya plant, but Hoya Australis is undoubtedly on the shortlist of our favorites. Ideal for bloom in late spring, the Hoya Australis produces beautiful clusters of waxy flower buds that ultimately bloom into gorgeous flowers. Its long, twining stems can climb around moss poles, a trellis, and even curtain rods. They do require relatively liberal watering during the warmer months and slightly lesser frequency in cooler months, needing to be watered primarily when the soil dries out. For lighting, the Hoya can handle direct sunlight, but if positioned anywhere else in the home, they tend to do better under bright and direct lights.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a common term in day-to-day life recognizable by most as a sunburn treatment and other skin products. But what you may not know about the plant besides its healing qualities is that it is one of the easiest plants to take care of. Those new to plant care might greatly benefit from Aloe Vera as a starter plant.

  1. Euphorbia Trigona

Also known as the African Milk Tree, the Euphorbia Trigona is a delightfully colorful addition to any home. With its gorgeous fusion of red and green colors, this member of the cactus family highlights any space it’s placed. Assuming it receives a generous portion of sunlight, the Trigona will do great with very minimal care.

  1. Philodendron

The exotic Red Emerald Philodendron sports thick green leaves on burgundy-red stems that make a great addition to bathrooms and any other rooms that experience high humidity levels and bright filtered lighting. This is because the plant is a tropical resident, native to South and Central American rainforests, which experience very high humidity levels. Philodendrons will do great in humid, tropical simulating spaces as long as it is adequately watered in pots with sufficient drainage.

Keep all of these best plants for the home in mind when you head to our local plant store or one of our favorite plant nurseries in San Diego!