PlanterSam Expands and Celebrates One Year of Business

PlanterSam is celebrating their one-year anniversary and is excited to announce their opening. After outgrowing their first location, they have expanded to a new 1,175 square-foot retail space, where they look forward to serving the community in the San Marcos area and beyond!

How Did PlanterSam Grow Their Roots?

The founder of PlanterSam, owner Samira, feels that plants give a sense of purpose, and this was the premise that started PlanterSam a year ago during the pandemic. Along with her love for plants, Samira's plant knowledge grew, which ultimately gave her a sense of belonging. Slowly, alongside her husband Morteza, Samira began to sell her arrangements on Instagram and decided to start a pop-up plant store. What first started in her mom's garage quickly expanded to the driveway (a sign that they might need a new space). Samira's mom joined in, creating the gorgeous macramé that you can still buy to this day. Now, you can purchase everything from plants, pots, and succulent arrangments to macramé, plant accessories, and products from other San Diego small businesses and gift shops.

With the help from the community earlier this year, PlanterSam was able to donate multiple carloads full of warm clothing to a local San Diego non-profit that helps people experiencing homelessness.

All of this ties into their new slogan, which they are proud to reveal: "Rooted in Love."

New PlanterSam Logo!

A One of a Kind Business

Samira has created a community where visitors feel welcome and loves to use her expertise to help clients buy the perfect plant. It doesn't matter if you are looking for your first plant, your hundredth, or a gift for someone special. Many customers rave about the knowledge that Samira and Morteza have about caring for each plant they sell — hence the repeat customers! It's not uncommon to leave with personalized tips for caring for your plant. And, if you need it, they will help pick the plant that is perfect for your environment!

Looking for a New Plant or Need Advice?

In addition to more plants than you can imagine, PlanterSam can help with repotting, provides tips and tricks to help keep your plants healthy, and can brighten up your home or office with interior plant design. They offer high-quality plants that are healthy and will hopefully last a lifetime. Each plant comes with at-home care tips to keep them happy and healthy.

Come Visit PlanterSam in Their New Retail Space!

This Saturday and Sunday (July 10th and 11th), PlanterSam will celebrate their soft opening. As part of this celebration, the first 40 customers on both days will receive a free gift! Return on August 2nd and celebrate the OFFICIAL grand opening! With their new space, PlanterSam will be open Monday through Sunday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

The new location is located in the Palomar Plaza Shopping Center at 700 S Rancho Santa Fe Rd #C, San Marcos, CA 92078. There are plenty of other amazing businesses in the same shopping center that you can support like Pho San Marcos, Everbowl, Wholly Crepe, Banh Mi San Marcos, and Sola Salon!

Come swing by, and let PlanterSam provide that personalized plant experience! For more frequent updates and to see what plants and products are available, follow PlanterSam on Instagram. For more information on how to contact or find PlanterSam head to Get in Touch.